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   Currently based in New York City. Melissa is a fashion and portrait photographer. She found her passion for photography at an early age but didn't embrace it fully until adulthood.  She attained a Bachelor of Fine Arts concentration in Photography degree from the University of Central FL in 2016. 

Outside her love for fashion photography she also enjoys shooting within the genre of landscape, nature photography as well as event photography. In addition film photography has been one of her favorite mediums to use after being introduced to it her third year of college. She has been able to incorporate film into her work.


State Management NYC, New Version Models, BMG Orlando, Modern Muse Orlando, Bravo Models Tokyo, Zucca Models Tokyo, Bellona Models Tokyo, Friday Model Agency Tokyo, Images NYC.


Lewis Magazine, MMScene Magazine, Vogue Italia, Lucy’s, Vulkan, Institute Magazine, Eloque, Pump Magazine, Promo Magazine, Elegant, Volant



 — If you have questions about my work, ideas about your next project or just want to say hi? Fill out the contact form below. I’d love to hear from you.  Lets work together.

email: mberriphoto@gmail.com

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